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Why Use Ownens Cornering Duration Shingles?

We at Bros Roofing Inc. commonly use Ownens Cornering Duration shingles for a very good reason. They are a superior quality shingle with a limited lifetime guarantee, which means as long as your own your home, these shingles are guaranteed. This roofing material has several great features that make it our go-to shingle for many homes.


Here are some of the superior qualities of these shingles:


Breakthrough Design.

Featuring a tough, woven engineered reinforcing fabric to deliver consistent fastening during installation.

Triple Layer Protection™.

A unique “triple layer” of reinforcement occurs when the fabric overlays the common bond of the shingle laminate layers that offers excellent fastener holding power.

Excellent Adhesion.

Our enhanced Tru-Bond®‡ sealant grips tightly to the engineered fabric nailing strip on the shingle below.

Excellent Adhesive Power.

Specially formulated, wide adhesive bands help keep shingle layers laminated together.

Exceptional Wind Resistance.

Engineered to deliver 209 KM/H* / 130 MPH wind warranty performance with only 4 nails. 33% fewer nails are required for warranty protection1,which can mean fewer deck penetrations. **


We strive to provide the best all around roofing experience for each of our clients, which includes getting shingles that will stand the test of time. We have your best interests in mind and we are happy to put our name behind this brand as an affordable high level quality product.


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